Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tommy Heinsohn Is A Gem

I’m sure most of you reading this have a special place in your heart for Tommy Heinsohn. For years now, he’s been the color commentary guy for the C’s and has been completely crapping all over opposing teams and referees – when the situation warranted it. I mean, for me, every time I do something remotely cool in life I wonder if its worthy of a Tommy Point. Chances are it probably isn’t.

Heinsohn may be the second most biased announcer in TV history, second only to YOUR Derek Sanderson who simply thought the Bruins could do no wrong and should have won every game by at least 5 goals. Does anyone remember when Sanderson used to call the games on TV38?

So far this season with the Celtics reinventing The Big Three version 2.0 Tommy hasn’t had much to vent about recently and to be honest has probably been happier than a pig in sh*t. However this Sunday provided a unique opportunity for Heinsohn to make a HUGE splash on 2007-08 season and let everyone know that he’s still got ‘it’. With seconds left in the game after Hedo Turkoglu hit a go-ahead three Heinsohn screams “Someone pull his greencard!!!”…….unbelievable….a classic! I’m glad to see old age hasn’t begun to get to him.

Although I couldn’t find footage of that particular call, I did find this video that highlights some of his best work. I mean Tommy puts on a clinic in this clip. “These guys are ridiculous…..THESE GUYS ARE RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!”. The video messes up a little but the audio is fine.



Anonymous said...

this video is a classic

Mike Gorman said...

The only thing Heinsohn is good for is bumming booze from him before tip off

sticky wicket said...

It would almost be worth bringing Walter McCarthy back to the team, even though he's horrible (and I believe, no longer in the league), just so Tommy can yell "I LOVE WALTER" as he hits late 3's in games we're either losing or winning by 30.