Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Pats By How Much?!

The complaints about the Patriots running up the score continue. Bill Simmon's theory about the "Eff You" touchdown continues to gain validity. Vegas continues scratch its collective head and put up enormous spreads. It's a good time to be a Pats fan.

This week the Pats take on the Eagles, and are favored by a mere 23.5 points. The only thing more crazy than this line, is the fact that is seems completely realistic.

If this is the spread against a .500 team with a decent defense, a banged up (but really good) running back, an underperforming but potentially dangerous QB, and a solid coaching staff, what will the line be when they play the 2-8 Jets in three weeks, or the winless Dolphins in 4?

The Jets game could get completely out of hand if the Patriots seek revenge for the horribly overblown and wholly ridiculous "Spygate" fiasco. I wouldn't want to stand next to Eric Mangini during that game because his tears might get my Pat's jersey wet.

And what about Miami? They could very well be 0-13 at that point. Even stink would say they stink. Considering they have an inexperienced coaching staff, their stud back is out for the season, they have no QB, and their defense probably couldn't stop a D-III college team, what will the odds be? Pats by 35? Pats by 45?

This reminds me of the Superfans skit on Saturday Night Live where they predict the Bears to win 520-3, or take the Bulls over their opponent 152 to -15 (and then explain what the Bulls will do to make the other team go into negative points). So realistically, what will the line be against the Jets and Dolphins?

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