Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Don't Sleep On Sarah Carter

Last night I watched DOA: Dead or Alive, the movie based on the video game. The game is world famous for the amount of time and money the developers spent on animating the breasts of female characters. They jiggle. They bounce. It's like every 14 year-old gamer's dream come true. And mine. They're mesmerizing.

The movie had 4 amazingly hot chicks kicking ass, and was surprisingly entertaining up until they tried (and failed) to give it a coherent plot, only to end the movie with the girls fighting... get ready for it... Eric Roberts?!

Anyway, I completely, 100%, unabashedly fell in love with Sarah Carter during the course of this movie. She out-hotted the other hotties, even the slutty british assassin/thief, and won my heart! Why have I never heard of her before?! She combines that quintessential Girl Next Door wholesomeness with a body you'd sell vital organs for. She cleans up better than a crew of Mexican maids, and looks fantastic as a dressed-down plain Jane. She's everything I've ever wanted in a woman... from a movie... based on a video game.


Norman P. Orlando said...

I'd violate her six ways to sunday. Damn thats a healthy looking girl!

oy ve! said...

look at her stomach below her belly button and above the top of her bikini bottom in the second picture. un. be. lievable.

Anonymous said...

Agree completely

Sarah Carter~ the meaning of beauty/perfection

(based on DOA)

Deem said...

You said it, and I feel the exact same way. I also wondered why I had never heard of her, but the only big things she actually did were a role in Smallville, a cameo in Final Destination II (however, she dies almost instantly T.T), and she's in Shark, which is about lawyers... For as far as I know.

Anonymous said...

sarah tá muito gostosa com esse biquini! ela é muito gata! e tem uma bucetinha deliciosa e uns peitão gostosos!