Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Doda Elektroda Is Stupid Hot And A Genius.....Seriously

OK, this is a paradox. Yes, this chick is polish and obviously a very, very healthy girl. But it seems like every other broad coming out of eastern Europe is an absolute dime these days (God Damn You Sportspen!), so no surprise there right? What IS a surprise is that Doda is polish AND a bonifide genius. No joke. She has an IQ of 153. Just to give you a frame of reference it was estimated that Einstein had an IQ in the range of 160. So not only can Doda make your jaw drop, but she can also explain the fundamentals of quantum physics (while you stared at her titties).

In 2000, at the age of 16, she joined the polish rock group Virgin as a singer. In 2004 she was accepted in to Mensa. Mind you, the only membership requirement for Mensa is an IQ score within the top 2% of the population. Currently, there are 100,000 Mensans living in 100 countries around the world. In other words....membership is reserved for supa smaaaht people. And the hits just keep on coming! Doda really burst on the scene in 2005 when she posed for the polish edition of Playboy.

Basically, Doda is the perfect girl in every way, shape and form. She's everything you'd ever want in a woman: she's beautiful, smart, and european. Normally I like my chicks dumb as rocks, but in her case I'd make an exception.



SlowStuff said...


Anonymous said...

id lick her insides

Tron said...

She's just aight to me...now get me a banana cognac bitch!

Anonymous said...

A genius???? lol

I guess you don't speak polish because the moment this girl opens her mouth its obvious she is far from smart. She is the joke of Poland.

Anonymous said...

its poland...who gives a shit. i just want to ram my dick in her holes