Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Canadian Justice

I'd like to introduce you to the man who's really turning it around for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, a pioneer of sorts, one Constable Burke Huschi. Huschi was recently fined two days pay for punching a diabetic man in the head after misidentifying him as a drunk driver... I'm sure we've all made similar mistakes.

Howard Oakland, a horrifically lawless diabetic, was leaving Royal Inland Hospital when low blood sugar got the better of him. He lost the ability to control his vehicle and coasted across a 4 lane highway before coming to a rest on the other side. Two nurses who saw the incident ran to assist the potentially dangerous, yet mostly unconscious Howard, but before they could be assaulted by this insulin junkie, Huschi saved the day!

The National Post quotes an excerpt from the Royal Candian Mounted Police Disciplinary Board's decision:

"Const. Huschi demanded Mr. Oakland exit the truck and, when the driver failed to comply, handcuffed one of his wrists and tried to pull him out. 'Const. Huschi then struck the driver once in the head and again on the upper arms and chest.'"

Our neighbors to the north are known for many wonderful attributes: free health care for citizens, fantastic beer, great hockey teams, and permissive women. What they are NOT known for is a swift and brutal justice system. However, as of this day that may change! For the first time in history people may have a reason to fear Mounties... especially if you’re diabetic.

TheWinColumn salutes you, Constable Huschi, for your quick and astute actions that have brought a modicum or backbone a previously spineless Royal Candian Mounted Police . We wish you the best of luck in your anger management classes, and hope they do little to curb your renegade law enforcement style as you continue your crusade to eradicate this sickening rash of rogue diabetics. You, sir, are the Canadian John McClane.

For the full story, visit: http://www.canada.com/nationalpost/news/canada/story.html?id=3786eef0-401f-48f7-bc79-79ba7d1003cc

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