Thursday, December 27, 2007

Suds Returns to Nashville....Live Updates Dec 29th-Jan1st

That's right motherfuckers....I'm making the road trip to Nashville, Tennessee again.....only this time I have an even bigger appetite for destruction and I'm going down at full strength. As you may recall on my last trip to Nashville I had a mangled hand and half an eye brow due to the "head butt heard round the world" I gave a chain linked fence in the softball all-star game. I actually get back to the Commodore's country lair before he even flies in. So, on Saturday I'll be drinking beers at an alarming rate at the airport in a Tedy Bruschi jersey and a cowboy hat for two hours until the Commodore finally decides to show up. After a couple nights of straight blacking out with the country folk....and barring any felonies that might happen to fall in my lap.....Dec 31st has the opportunity to be one of the greatest nights of my life. It just so happens that Florida State plays Kentucky in the Music City Bowl at 4pm on New Years Eve. So what? Well, I happen to like hot chicks.....especially drunk college chicks. I will be tailgating with both schools....and hope to have some photos and live interviews with ladies from both schools. That is....before they hit the bar scene in Nashville for New Years.....completely cocked from their bowl games. Imagine the possibility for The Win Column......Simply Suds.....a camera.....a pen....a piece of paper.....and one sick imagination for a human.

Stay tuned lads....I'm going into confederate territory with thousands of drunk college girls on a night where dropping kiss bombs is completely common place. I can already taste the sweet nectar of a southern girl's spit. Granted it will be after I buy her 8 patron shots....but hey...this is America.


Norman P. Orlando said...

Here's to Suds bagging a southern bell!

city of champions said...

Like Ludacris says... "Dirty south girls give me dirty south head."

Anonymous said...

You are pathetic. You have to get girls drunk in order to get a bj? Fuck you!