Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Pretty Boy To Fight In MMA??

“Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather is indeed pondering involvement in MMA. The interest was spawned when Mayweather began to establish a relationship with Mark Cuban while both being contestants on this years “Dancing With The Stars”. Evidently the two are smitten with each other because Cuban carried two of Mayweather’s championship belts to the ring before the Hatton fight. The two were also seen in Vegas together last week. Also, an insider here at The Win spotted the two leaving Cuddles and Bubbles hand and hand conveniently gnawing on each others tongues.

Anyways, although Mayweather hasn’t come out and confirmed he is thinking about fighting in MMA, both he and Cuban have confirmed that Mayweather will definitely be involved in some way, shape or form with Cuban’s HDNet Fights which airs MMA bouts regularly.

Historically speaking there have only been two fighters, Ray Mercer and Frans Botha, that have made the switch from boxing to MMA and both were abysmal. At first, I didn’t like Mayweather. I thought he was a cocky, smug, self-involved punk. After watching him for the past 2+ years I’ve been completely won over. The guy talks more trash than anybody but the thing is he can back it up….completely. I think he’s great for boxing because other than the two fights Mayweather was in this year basically no one is watching it.

That said I think the move to MMA is a terrible idea for Mayweather. I get that they’re trying to transfer the high level of interest in MMA to boxing and I’m all for that. But I think Mayweather would get his clock cleaned and thus completely tarnish his all-important image that has made him what he is today. Word on the street is that Mayweather may get involved in just sponsoring fighters or possibly even training a few. Take it from me Floyd, I say you go that route and don’t completely ruin your entire career.

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