Monday, September 10, 2007

The City Of Brotherly Love Is A Crock Of Sh*T

I'm sure most of you out there were completely disgusted at the NY Jets' fans performance when they were outwardly ecstatic when the ailing Pennington was in obvious pain. The stadium erupted with cheers as he hobbled off the field and the back-up QB ran into the huddle. I mean, I thought it was the most disgraceful performance by a fan base I've ever seen. Which got me thinking. Say what you will about the Sox/Yanks rivalry and how bad we lay into A-Rod when he applies lipstick during the seventh inning stretch. But I'd like to think that the Fenway faithful would not applaud if he went down due to injury.

So here I was ready to absolutely bash the fickle New York fans as being the worst fan base in sports. And regardless of how bad I wanted to write that post, I must admit New York fans look like a Disney Sunday Night movie compared to the bastards that represent Philly. Believe it or not the Philadelphia fan base actually make up the worst performances by a fan base in U.S. sports history*. Without further ado here is the list:

5. Some will say that the 1968 game where Eagle fans pelted Santa at half time should rate up there as worst performances ever, but I actually disagree with that. I would take it up a notch and have Santa, Hanakah Harry and any other religious denomination's holiday mascots line up at the goal line and race 100 yards to the next goal line while having snowballs hurled at them. Whoever wins gets religious bragging rights for the year.

4. All the Philly fans that showed up for draft day and booed the franchise (and McNabb) as they picked Donovan McNabb 2nd overall. At best, I'd like to think they were booing him because they thought he was a bad QB, but unfortunately (to steal a line from Butchie Sterns) I'm not too sure about that.

3. In 1999 Philly fans threw batteries at J.D. Drew (at the time he was on the Cardinals), expressing their anger that he didn't sign with the Phillies after they drafted him in 1997. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a die hard Sox fan, but even I wouldn't want Drew to get pelted with batteries. At worst, I'd love for him to get some form of gout that would sideline him for a few months. But batteries?!?! Come on Philly, we've progressed since the middle ages.

2. Jets' fans booing Pennington after he gets hurt against the Pats. I mean Pennington has repeatedly played hurt throughout his career with the Jets. Personally I think the guy showed a lot of moxy by coming out on the field. And, at that point in the game it wasn't Pennington's fault the Jets were losing. Now, that said as long as he is the QB the Jets aren't going very far in the playoffs. Not to mention he's probably the only guy in New York with a worse throwing arm than Johnny Damon. But to boo the guy for getting hurt??? Show a little class NYC.

1. Cheering Michael Irving as he lay motionless on the ground. During a 1999 game against the Cowboys, while Irving lay motionless for nearly 20 minutes, Philly fans were thrilled at the sight of the injury. The ruthless scumbags even cheered as the paramedics rushed onto the field. Edward Rendell, the Mayor at the time, had this to say "This, in terms of bad taste, was as bad as it gets".

*I wouldn't bring this up, but I know how much this pisses off most of the people that will read this. However, it needs to be said that nothing in America comes close to the depths of hell that is soccer fandom in the rest of the world, particularly England. April 15, 1989: Sheffield, England; 95 people are crushed to death at an English FA Cup semifinal game between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest, when police open gates to alleviate crowding outside Hillsborough Stadium. The resulting rush of people onto the already filled terrace sections traps fans against riot control fences ringing the field.

May 29, 1985 - Brussels, Belgium; 39 people are killed at the European Champions Cup Final at Heysel Stadium when riots beak out and a wall separating rival fans of England's Liverpool and Italy's Juventus of Turin collapses.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg. So Philly can't even hang your hat on the fact that you're the biggest douchebag fans in the world. You are the sports equivalent to a fat toddler that pulls a temper trantrum when he can't have another piece of cake at his mom's party. Win a chamionship and get over it. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!! If any of you guys don't agree with this, I don't really care...Rhody Trojan is the only person who still reads this anyway.



sticky wicket said...

I take a great amount of personal satisfaction from this post.


Anonymous said...

well done norm...this is actually a good blog.

Norman P. Orlando said...

whoa! first positive thing to come out of anonymous since you pooped this morning. what gives?

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Philly. How convenient you leave out the snowball game in Giants Stadium and the Mets fight song from awful moments in sports.

NY teams win championships but the moment they start losing their "fans" jump ship.

Ruby Legs said...

how about the drunken fatsos crushing people at Mets and Yankees' games this year?

How about anything involving the Dog Pound - for instance, (1) they invented the whole battery tossing thing (half the dog bones thrown on to the field usually have a battery stuck inside of them) or (2) the beer bottle tossing incident that has caused caps to beer bottles to be immediately removed at all venues across the US.

And possibly your most egregious omission - the Pistons/Pacers fan riot.

The fact that you missed the Piston/Pacers thing makes it obvious you're a fucking idiot and know nothing about sports.

Don't quit your day job jackass.

Anonymous said...

he was talkin about philly fans ruby legs you fuckin retard. read the article before you start talking like a jerk off. you must be a philly fan. good luck not winning a thing this year you low life.

Norman P. Orlando said...

thank you anonymous. You hit the nail right on the head. I was talking about worst performances by a fan base. The Pistons/Pacers ordeal was as much the players fault as it was the fans. Maybe moreso the players. But hey, maybe you're from the south shore and don't know how to read...

Mark said...

wow another column bashing Philadelphia sports fans, that's one i havent seen in a month...try something a bit more original next time, and something with a bit more validity.